Neev – a spunky boy, full of energy with a sense of humor uncommon for his age. He loved nature, from growing his own veggies, pumpkins, naming the rollie-pollies on the ground to hummingbirds in the backyard. He named his favorite hummingbird “Cutie Pie Grapes”. If his dad saw a spider in the house, Neev would not let him kill it and would say in a high pitched voice “Dadda, it’s nature! Leave it alone!”.

He fought his battle with DIPG hard. He went through 3 brain surgeries, 15 MRIs, several X-rays and CT-Scans, and countless needle pokes. His both arms did not have a single square centimeter space where there was no needle mark. During his fight, Neev completely lost the ability to walk, the doctors gave an opinion he would not walk again. These are the best of the best doctors who come up with new research, write books, teach the Pediatric world ways to treat. One day he went back to the hospital in a wheelchair to the very room where they had told his parents that he wouldn’t be able to walk and he got up from his chair, and walked across the room to everyone’s amazement. Proving his doctors wrong, putting months in exercises and therapy, he learned to walk right from scratch. Even when he was wheelchair bound, and severely affected, his love for life did not diminish one bit. He loved to sing, loved reading books, loved going out to lakes around the bay area or simply cuddling with his mamma. Neev was very organized in everything he did. He loved to share, he loved to give gifts to random strangers and more than anything else loved to smile. Neev loved his brother, Rayaan, and followed his footsteps in everything Rayaan did. He always wanted to have a dog, but sadly his parents couldn’t get him one while he was fighting. He had even picked a name for his dog – Biscuit. Today his family has adopted a dog and named it Biscuit. Sadly, Neev passed away on November 30th, 2021. To this day, DIPG remains 100% fatal to this day with no cure.