BORN - Because of Ronil and Neev

With anyone in the family fighting Cancer, a family needs help on many fronts, financial, health services, medical equipment, and such. Several resources are available through various nonprofit organizations around the nation. However, there's no one place where one patient can access it all. With each nonprofit organization, there is usually a form specific to that organization that patients or caretakers have to fill out to request any resources are available through that organization. It becomes a very mundane task, a bit cumbersome and time-consuming as one keeps filling up the same information in all organizations.

With 1200 nonprofits in the pediatric space and more than 100 in the DIPG space, it becomes very difficult for the families to navigate. Having gone through this experience with Neev's journey, we thought of creating an app where the patient or caretakers fill out the information once, choose the services from a list of categories and the application will be sent to all the ones that match the criteria, such as financial help to pay bills, travel expenses, physiotherapy / occupational therapy services, emotional support, medical equipment, gifts for the patient and siblings etc. This will also help nonprofit foundations to have some transparency to analyze how resources are being allocated across the patients, if one patient has received payment for an electricity bill for a given month, another family can be helped by a different organization. The patients are eligible to reapply more than once and those organizations will automatically receive the updated information.

The app will also allow a social worker, doctor's office, or independent provider to verify the information submitted if an organization wishes to receive only curated applications. Reporting and data analysis tools will give insight into which services are sought for, which are used more often, and which bring more benefits to the family with BORN.