Neev Kolte & Brave Ronil Foundation

Ronil was a loving and kind son who liked basketball, karate, skiing, and playing video games. In 2016 while in 7th grade, he was diagnosed with a 100% terminal pediatric brain tumor called DIPG and was only given a week to live as he suffered multiple strokes. But he fought bravely and went on to live for 31 more months facing all the challenges with a smile on his face and love in his heart for everyone. 

He spread childhood cancer awareness and donated his tumor for cancer research when he passed away in 2018 at the age of 14. Kids with DIPG are allowed to die as there is no substantial research done in decades for childhood cancer as it receives only 4% of federal cancer funding and this needs to change NOW. #BraveRonil. 

Neev  - a spunky boy, full of energy with sense of humor uncommon for his age. He loved nature, from growing his own veggies, pumpkins, naming the rollie-pollies on the ground to hummingbirds in the backyard. He fought his battle with DIPG hard. During his fight, Neev completely lost ability to walk, the doctors gave an opinion he would not walk again. Proving his doctors wrong, putting months in exercises and therapy, he learned to walk right from scratch. Even when he was wheelchair bound, and severely affected, his love for life did not diminish one bit. He loved to sing, he loved reading books, same stories over and over! He loved to share, he loved to give gifts to random strangers. Sadly, Neev passed away on November 30th, 2021. DIPG remains 100% fatal to this day with no cure. 

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