Supporting kids with DIPG childhood brain cancer through research, advocacy, and care PROGRAMS.

A Legacy Igniting Hope and Lasting Change

Meet Neev and Ronil, two extraordinary kids who courageously confronted DIPG Brain Tumor with remarkable determination. Neev’s vibrant energy and witty charm resonated with his love for animals, particularly hummingbirds. Ronil’s profound zest for life was evident in his love for nature, water, sports, and new technology. Read the compelling stories of Neev and Ronil, overflowing with moments of happiness, tenacity, and boundless love. Their fight against DIPG, infused with resilience, stands as a powerful testament that inspires us all to take action to create a meaningful impact in the lives of future children facing the challenges of childhood cancer. Your support makes all the difference.


Two families residing in the San Francisco Bay Area were struck by a profound tragedy—both of their sons were diagnosed with DIPG, a terminal form of pediatric brain cancer, and were given a mere nine months to live. Confronted by this heart-wrenching ordeal, the families of Manisha and Milan, alongside Misha and Sandeep, embarked on an agonizing journey through their darkest days, ultimately enduring the shattering heartbreak of losing their cherished sons, Neev at the tender age of 6 and Ronil at the age of 14.

United by their shared sorrow, these families found solace in each other’s presence when Neev’s diagnosis was still fresh in 2020, while Ronil had passed away two years prior. Their collective strength gave rise to the Neev Kolte & Brave Ronil Foundation in 2022, a tribute to the legacies of their precious sons, driven by a strong determination to reshape the lives of future families confronted by the terrible reality of DIPG.

Their commitment and dedication is to help children affected by DIPG brain cancer, sponsoring groundbreaking research, clinical trials, awareness building, advocacy, facilitating care access, data integration, and providing family support.