Lemonade Stand

Rayaan and his friends, Athena and James, put together a lemonade stand in June 2022. The goal was to raise funds to buy a gift for a sibling of any kid who is fighting childhood cancer. Rayaan has first hand experience of not having received any attention when his little brother Neev was fighting Cancer. He felt that everyone showered their love and affection on Neev and he remained in the back corner. To help other siblings in his shoes, he wanted to raise funds so he could buy a gift for at least one kid whose brother or sister was in the fight. Rayaan raised $250 and was able to get a toy for Child's name here whose brother/sister name here is fighting XYZ disease.

He plans to continue this tradition every year. If you or your child would like to participate or set up their own stand, please let us know here. We can help you connect with a family that would be happy to receive such support.

    Toy Drive

In November 2022, with holidays around the corner, Rayaan's parents got a call from his school teacher Mrs. G asking if it was alright to share Neev's story with other parents and if it was alright for them to send toys for the toy drive. Not having heard of anything about it, we were really surprised. When we enquired Mrs G told us that it was Rayaan who came up with the idea to have a toy drive to collect toys for the kids who are in the fight. When we checked with him, he said he saw a toy drive sign somewhere and thought that he would want to collect toys for pediatric patients.

Having received Neev's Medical treatment at UCSF, we are in touch with the staff there so arranging which kids would receive the toys was the easy part. We thought he might get a few toys from the parents of his friends and that would be it. To our surprise, every day after that when Sandeep would go to pick him up from the school a lot of children would walk in a line behind Rayaan, each one carrying bags of toys. They would put all of those in our car's trunk and go their way. This continued for a few days when we realized that not only the kids from his class were donating but kids across almost all classes in the school participated. Mrs G and Principal Deeringhoff had included a little paragraph about Rayaan's efforts in the monthly newsletter and that spread across the community. In the end, we ended up with a whooping 261 toys that were gifted to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital at Mission Bay. The local news media picked up on the story and reported it in their weekly edition (click here)

Rayaan plans to continue this tradition every year. If you or your child would like to participate or set up a similar effort, please let us know here. We would be happy to receive such support and help families fight dreadful diseases.

    Relay For Life

The Relay For Life movement is dedicated to helping communities attack cancer. Through funds donated, time given, or awareness raised, the communities are teaming up to make a difference.

Our foundation members were the keynote speakers at the opening ceremony where they talked about their son Ronil’s 31-month-long cancer journey and how he challenged every norm of life and lived to his fullest until he passed away at age 14 in 2018.

    Art Stuff

Sahil, Ronil’s brother, who has a keen interest in art developed the artwork and graphics for the 2022 annual DIPG Gala hosted in collaboration.